Leave School Today. (Except for Not Really.)

FYI/411: Showed the 7-9th Grade Folk the above YouTube vid, wherein my favorite Irish rock-and-roller talks about how he committed himself to his creative life. Thought I’d slap it up here not because I advocate dropping out of school at 14 to make your living singing in the streets but because I think it highlights the importance of knowing what your interests are. We talked a lot about preoccupations last week — what really captures your interest — and it’s safe to say that one of Glen Hansard’s most important preoccupations was music. He dove into it and made a life for himself.

Also, to follow up on a related portion of our conversation with the ASFA alums who visited us — from left to right: Glynnis, Sarah, Corey, and Amanda — the twin ideas of ambition and focus were thrown out as important touchstones. In both cases, it seemed (to me anyway) that it wasn’t so much what the particular ambition or focus was. Those things might change over time. What was important was that the ASFA community is full of people who have a particular ambition and focus at a particular time and place. It’s an environment where  you learn how to try really hard for something, to focus on it, and you’re surrounded by other people who are doing the same thing. That’s what translates over time, regardless of what you end up making of your (creative) life.

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