This Week in The Writing Life: [Mar 21-25]

Here’s what’s left from here on out:

  • You must submit up to three poems to the Princeton Poetry Contest. Your entry is due to me by Monday, Mar 28.
  • You must submit your work to three literary magazines (or come up with some other way to “publish”/publicize your own work).
  • Screen YWLA Contest entries (starting Apr 4).
  • Your publication project — i.e., you publish someone else’s work — is due as your jury by May 13.
  • Submit your best work of creative nonfiction to the Norman Mailer contest by Apr 28. (Follow the link for the on-line submission tool.)  To that end, you will be required to submit a draft (revised version of something you’ve already written or something completely new) for conference.

Here are the Mailer conference draft due dates:

Apr 8: Julia, Hannah, Jasmine, Lily. (Note: this date can float a little bit. Emphasis on the part about little.)

Apr 15: Rolfe, Devin,  Sarah, Antoinette. (Note: this date is made of the heaviest substance on earth. It doesn’t float. Not even a little bit.)

And because we can never have too many conferences, I’ll meet with each of you individually in next week to game plan all of that.

Here’s a semi-tentative schedule for those preliminary conferences:

Mar 28: Julia & Hannah

Mar 29: Jasmine & Lily

Mar 30: Rolfe & Devin

Mar 31: Sarah & Antoinette (during 8th)

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