This Week in Fiction: [Apr 4 – 8]

(M)…Read and discuss Italo Calvino‘s “Making Do” from Numbers in the Dark. Receive this week’s story packet, which includes:

  • J.D. Salinger‘s “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” from Nine Stories.
  • Charles Baxter‘s “The Disappeared” from A Relative Stranger.

Conferences this week with Antoinette, Amanda, Brennan, and Liz.

Impromptu Prompt: Write a fable, maybe. 300 words or less.

(T)One-pager. Conferences. Beitelmanlessness.

(W)One-pager. Quiz-thing! Also make hay on all that stuff to turn in on Friday. Conference² with Antoinette.

Impromptu Prompt: Brennan says you should write a story about pickles. Or even Pickles.

(Th)Discuss this week’s story packet. Be prepared for a quiz-like thing. Quiz-thing! Dutiful attention to Conference/Critique/Folder submissions. Also actual conferences with Amanda and Brennan.

(F)…Turn stuff in:

  • Conference Drafts: Amber, Olivia.
  • Critique Drafts: Lin, Sarah.
  • Folder Submissions: Everybody else. You should have 8-10 pages of “prose” in your folder at this point.
  • Quiz-thing! Everybody.

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