This Week in Fiction: [Apr 25 – 29]

We’ll critique Liz, Olivia, and Amber this week. Or try to.

On Friday, Carmen, Tyler, and Gillespie will submit their critique drafts.

Next week, we’ll critique — you guessed it — Carmen, Tyler, and Gillespie. We might also have some carryover critiques to complete.

By the end of this week, your folder should have between 17 and 25 pages of stuff in it. That is, 17-25 pages of stuff you’ve written during this nine-week period. If you’ve reached the 20-pages-of-prose threshold, you can switch to poetry if you want. One poem counts as one page. You don’t have to switch; you just can.

Next week is the last week for folder submissions. All told, folders should have 20-30 pages of stuff, at least 20 pages of prose.

Jury portfolios will be due on Friday, May 13. Two weeks from this Friday.  Speaking of which…


  • You’ll submit work in just one genre. 7-10 poems OR 10-20(ish) pages of prose.
  • This work can include material that’s been critiqued but it doesn’t have to.
  • The advantage of submitting critiqued material is that I can give you credit for working hard during the revision process.
  • If you turn in several pieces, they should “go” together somehow. It should feel like a mini-collection. 
  • Check out the jury portfolio grade sheet for some more ideas about what I’m looking for in your portfolio.