What’s On the Second Shelf? [Aug 12 – 26]

The Second Shelf is a place where cool things go to hang out. Sometimes (lots of times) it will be books or whatever. But then sometimes it might be a gadget. Like a secret decoder ring or The Maltese Falcon or something along those lines. Here’s what’s hanging out there right this very second:

  • The Breakfast Club screenplay. Maybe you don’t know what The Breakfast Club is, but I think probably you do. It’s a movie. They made it in the 1980s. They = a guy named John Hughes (who wrote and directed it, along with a bunch of other teenager coming-of-age movies around that time) and also a bunch of teenaged actors, all of whom are now best known for their role in this movie. Some people make a pretty big deal out of John Hughes movies. The director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, Chasing Amy, etc.) thinks Hughes is a seminal American filmmaker of the late 20th Century. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe. But what I do know is that The Breakfast Club sure is a good movie. And that probably you should read it and watch it.
  • The Poet’s Notebook. This is a book with excerpts from a couple dozen (or so) well-known contemporary poets’ notebooks. I offer it as a guide for how you might approach your own Commonplaces. Also just because it’s interesting to see what poets write about when they don’t think anybody’s watching.
  • The Creative Habit. Twyla Tharp is a well-known American choreographer. She wrote a book — this book, in fact — about the creative process in general and her creative process in particular. There are a lot of interesting, thought-provoking exercises designed to help you (re)consider where, how, when, and why you allocate your creative energies. Here’s an interview with her on The YouTube.

Feel free to peruse any or all of these cool things. The only thing is they need to stay in this room so that others can have access to them too. Thanks. — The Management.

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