Invites: [Aug 8-12]

I know: you could…

….Write a Seven-Sentence Scene/Story:

  1. Write a line of action that places two characters in a setting.
  2. Write a line of action where one of your characters does something to establish tension, either between the two characters or between the two characters and their surroundings.
  3. Write a line of dialogue for the other character that further escalates the tension.
  4. Write a line of dialogue for the first character, escalating the tension.
  5. Introduce another character into the scene.
  6. Bring the tension to a climax.
  7. Bring the climax to a resolution.

….Write a long poem that tells a story.

….Write a 1-2 page short-short that tells a…poem? joke? story? all/none of the above?

….Invite the Osmosis:

  • Circle three cool words in either Dennigan’s or Kelly’s poem. Use those three words in a poem of your own.

….Address the reader directly.

….Write a story with one of these one-word titles:

  • Terminal
  • Grace
  • Gem

….Write a fictional to-do list (or it could be an actual one, I guess), that implies a story.

….Start a story or poem with an actual Birmingham landmark:

  • Vulcan
  • Kelly Ingram Park
  • 16th Street Baptist Church
  • YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL graffiti
  • The Five Points fountain
  • ???

….Write a short autobiographical essay of no more than 750 words. Be specific and don’t try to encapsulate your entire life story. Instead, focus on an object? a rite of passage? a specific place? that conveys something essential about you.

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