Last Week in Review: [Aug 8-12]

FYI/411: We is an all-encompassing term around these parts. It pretty much means me and the walls and the rugs and the air conditioner and the mold and everybody/everything else who was with us in this room. At any time. Last week.

So. Yes. Here goes:

  • We talked about space (the final frontier). Also: we were excellent about taking care of the space. Thank you, us!
  • We talked a little about process and a little less about three other words that are related and important: TRY. PRACTICE. PROJECT.
  • We watched a movie. It was gray. And melodramatic! (Also a little mumbly.)
  • We visited the Cultural Capital, which in this case turned out to be a fiery place called London. (And PS: isn’t it awesome that fiery is spelled f-i-e-r-y? Why, yes. Of course it is.)
  • We talked about the relationship between fact and truth. Turns out they’re brothers. Or: bros, to be exact. Which is to say they often punch each other in the face but their mom makes them love each other anyway. Also there’s something called the “Truth of Fiction,” and maybe that’s their cousin who’s the senior class president of the high school in the next town over. Or something.
  • We talked about Toolbelts.
  • We read a really short essay by Robin Behn. And talked about its Toolbelts.
  • We read a poem by Brigit Pegeen Kelly and a poem by a poem by Darcie Dennigan. We did the whole read-it-and-say-whether-we-liked-it-or-not-and-why thing and then also the whole compare-contrast-the-two-poems thing. And we talked about how poems can be surreal. Sometimes disturbing. Also nostalgic (= missing something, sweetly). Also we talked about sound and syntax and brains, and also the osmosis of influence (influence of osmosis?) and how sometimes very strong influences present themselves in very subtle ways.
  • We read a really short essay by Tim O’Brien. And it turns out it’s so short, it’s actually much longer and goes by another name in real life. Or no: it’s actually much longer and goes by another name on the internet which is probably not really real life.
  • We put some new stuff out on The Second Shelf.
  • We encountered invitations. To create!
  • We took a walk. And we noticed things.

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