Tuesday is the Cultural Capital! — J. K. Rowling Encourages You to Fail Miserably

So my guess is that you know who this lady is. I think she, uh, wrote some books or something.

Also I’ll go out on a limb and say you know what Harvard is. At least kinda-sorta. (Boston. [Cambridge, really.] Est. 1636. Where they make the presidents, the Supreme Court justices. Where they invented The Book of Faces. Etc.)

Maybe you even know what success is — or at least, I feel sure, you’ve had a taste of it.

And I’d be absolutely gobsmacked (Britishism!) if you didn’t know that ol’ Jo up there was a single mom on the dole (AKA: a “failure”) as she penned the first book of the Harry Potter series.

But do you really know what it means to fail? Like, I mean: really?

Or/and: do you know the real value of failing?

Last question: what do you know of the real consequences of a lack of imagination?

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