8 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About 1983…

  1. Ryan August 24, 2011 / 7:17 pm

    Entertainment was huge this year. This was the very year Michael Jackson performed ‘Billie Jean’ at Motown and the world first saw the moonwalk. Michael Jackson would continue to change the music industry and be followed by screaming fans from here on out.

    Another big one was David Bowie. His album ‘Let’s Dance’ came out this year. Black Sabbath, Elton John, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and just generally rock and roll were popular as well.

    The biggest movie in 1983 was the final installment of the Star Wars series, ‘Return of the Jedi’. After Star Wars, creativity at the cinema had increased exponentially. Scarface, Flashdance, The Outsiders, and Cujo all came out in 1983 too.

  2. Ceri-Lune August 24, 2011 / 7:22 pm

    What happened in 1983:
    -Seatbelt use became mandatory in England.
    -The final episode of M*A*S*H was aired, becoming the most watched episode.
    -The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program launched in America.
    – The Red Hot Chili Peppers released their first album, (although they really shouldn’t have.)
    -Ronald Reagan announced that GPS’s were now available for civilian use.
    -KISS appeared in public without make-up for the first time.
    -Martin Luther King Jr. Day became an official holiday.
    -Kate Bosworth, Emily Blunt, Miranda Kerr, Kim Clijsters, Mila Kunis, Mika, Amy Winehouse, and Jonah Hill were born.
    -Vatican issues new code expanding women’s rights
    -Language that leaves God’s gender up for interpretation is ignored by Lutheran and Greek orthodox, and fizzles out
    -Disney Channel, A-Team, current Wheel of Fortune and CMT launched
    – A man with the first artificial heart dies.

  3. Ryan August 24, 2011 / 7:24 pm

    Fashion and fads:

    The 80’s were a fad-ridden time. In 1983, fads appeared such as the Rubik’s Cube, Baby on Board bumper stickers, hacky sacks, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and the ever iconic boom box. The numerous fads in this time could, perhaps, be blamed on the materialism of the secure economy.

    Fashion was theatrical, heavy, and punk. Girls often wore wild, teased hair or side ponytails with scrunchies. Heavy, glittery makeup, tons of beads, bows and tights, and rebellious short skirts were popular, especially with teenagers. Punk was created in this time, so mohawks and random satefy pins were also fashionable. Pat Benatar and Cyndi Laupher were models for the colorful styles in 1983.

  4. Laura August 24, 2011 / 7:25 pm

    Here is some extra stuff:
    Tennessee Williams swallowed a plastic bottle cap and died.
    Reagan signed in Martin Luther King, Jr. a national holiday starting in 1986.
    The U.S. Supreme Court rules that a sentence of life imprisonment without chance of parole is unconstitutional.
    AIDS became the top medical priority in the U.S.
    Sally Ride became first woman in space.
    Cliques formed such as preppy or punk.
    Jelly shoes were fashionable.
    Every Breath You Take by The Police was the number song.
    Return of the Jedi was the top box office hit.
    Reagan called the USSR “the focus of evil in the modern world.”
    Margaret Thatcher was reelected as British Prime Minister.
    Michael and Jennifer were the two most popular baby names.
    Rubik’s Cube became popular in America.
    Americans and Europeans lived in fear of nuclear war.
    Poland was under soviet control.
    Philippines was under a dictatorship.
    The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 35.3 million Americans live in poverty, the highest number in 19 years.
    Madonna was popular.
    The album Thriller by Michael Jackson was released.
    Reagan promised to make weaponry that will protect form enemy missiles. Media dubbed this plan the Star Wars.
    The lowest temperature so far recorded was recorded in Antarctica at -89.2 degrees Celsius.
    War rages between North and South Korea.

  5. Ryan August 24, 2011 / 7:32 pm

    Interpretive paragraph(?):

    The 80’s, and 1983 especially, definitely have a reputation for being America’s teenage years. Entertainment everywhere had just broken down all the walls of old, overused ideas. Star Wars had just jump started an entire new genre of movies and method of movie making, and Michael Jackson was basically single-handedly refining the music video. His work would put MTV on the map and, again, create almost an entire new genre.

    Materialism, as well, marks 1983 and the 80’s as the time America was throwing a big dirty party for the first time. Previously, even as late as the 60’s, Americans were tame about money and ‘stuff’. But as the fads and technology sections show, people were now getting really into ‘stuff’. It was the famous ‘me’ generation.

  6. Laura August 24, 2011 / 7:44 pm

    People our age in 1983 were forming new trends and new sets of high school social standards. Cliques came about, dividing students up into categories such as preppy, punk, nerds, jocks, etc. Kids our age were listening to Michael Jackson and David Bowie. This was before John Hughes, so these guys were really starting the colorful rebellious personality that developed among teens in the eighties following in the footsteps of their boundary breaking idols like michael jackson, cyndi lauper, and madonna.
    So much of our generations sense of fashion comes from the eighties. We can wear what we want because their generation broke laws of regular attire. They had the boldness to try anything and were confident enough to believe it worked. During this period, Reagan was president, most teenagers’ parents at the time would have been concerned hearing about Soviet issues on the news. But this was a time when kids our age didn’t focus on politics. They focused on art and fashion and music and the culture they created. We are like them in that way. We also are not ourselves involved in any government or political problems and so, as a general whole, feel apathetic about many political issues. Although, I feel that a lot of our generation is focused on global issues such as the environment and helping the planet towards the future generations.
    Their generation has shaped ours in so many ways. Their Star Wars is our Harry Potter. Without the coming out of complex teenagers in the eighties, our generation might not have the strength it does to speak up or change fads. I don’t know where I’d be without The Breakfast Club.

  7. Ceri-Lune August 24, 2011 / 7:49 pm

    I feel as if living in the ’80’s would have been more peaceful. Less cars, cleaner air, less heat and global warming. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the ’80’s were loud from all of the rock music consisting mainly of bad guitar solos that they were playing all the time. I would’ve liked growing up in the 80’s, somewhere a little less hectic than modern day western civilization, where multi-tasking is the new “it” and no one can do just one thing sitting down. i want quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet.

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