Invites: [Aug 22 – 26]

What you could do:

Exquisite Corpse!

  • Take one of the wacky sentences we wrote in class on Monday as the first sentence of a story or poem.
  • If you’re really feeling frisky, you can use another of the sentences we wrote as the last sentence of the story or poem.

…Use one, some, or all of the following words I randomly selected from the dictionary:

  • husband
  • muscadine
  • dirge

…Write a poem to, for, or about one (or more?) of the following:

  • George Lucas
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Nancy Reagan
  • Yoko Ono
  • John Hinkley
  • Sally Ride
  • Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Madonna
  • Louise Brown (the first test-tube baby)
  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates

…Write a story or a scene about a character who was 14 years old in 1979.

  • Set it not then but now: 2011. In a place you know well.
  • What if said character has to interact with a 14-year-old in the present day? (Or not.)

…Write about a memorable meal.

…Write a recipe for something.

  • Maybe something that isn’t food?

…Turn something you’ve already written into a monologue.

…Turn something you’ve already written into a dialogue.

  • Use as little scene description as possible. None, if you can swing it.


And, as always, you could also/instead:

…Get back in under the hood and tinker with something in your folder.

…Revisit last week’s Invites.

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