Last Week in Review: [Aug 22-26]

She (and most certainly he) who doesn’t know history is doomed to repeat it. Or something. But last week was excellent, so I’d gladly repeat it in a heartbeat. FWIW.

  • We watched not one but two black-and-white movies! And guess what? No mumbling! One had Gregory Peck in it. The other had The Beatles. They were both made around the same time: 1962-1964. They were both interested in the nature of reality, in the importance of perspective and how perspective changes what we see and (therefore) understand about the human experience. They were also both interested in telling a specific story about a specific group of people in a specific time and place — and, in the process of all that specificity, they both captured something essential about the Cultural Moment.
  • We got jiggy with the surrealism — collectively.
  • We shared our work — either with one person (i.e., me) or with the whole class.
  • We visited the Cultural Capital which was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. In fact, we more than visited. It was kind of like a massive study abroad program. And some people went to one section of the city. And some people went to others. Really we fanned out, covered all the quadrants. And then some. This was all in preparation for visit from a Very Special Guest Star.
  • We read and talked about Paris and food and how Ernest Hemingway wrote both of them.
  • There were different colored pieces of paper with crazy questions on it! And we (i.e., some of you) answered them!
  • As per usual, we encountered invitations. To create!
  • We put some new stuff out on The Second Shelf. All surreptitious-like.
  • And we noticed what we noticed when listened to some funky music.

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