Invites: [Aug 29 – Sep 2]

…Pick an inanimate object in this room.

  • Tell the story of how it got where it is.
  • Fancify.

…Write a poem to, for, or about your favorite band.

…Write a scene or a story that starts with a tight-knit group of people (roommates? a punk band? a space-shuttle crew? camp counselors?) at odds about something trivial.

  • Use this conflict to suggest a deeper-seated tension (love? money? fear? betrayal?) no one wants to address.

…Write something with footnotes.

…Write something in which you repeatedly reference the fact that you’re writing something.

  • I don’t mean: “I’m writing something I’m writing something I’m writing something I’m writing something…”
  • I do mean where you as a writer are aware of the problem of writing about something (truth? accuracy? emotional allegiances? a narrator’s reliability) and you consider/address that challenge in the course of also writing about the something.
  • You can do this sort of thing in any genre: fiction, poetry, nonfiction.
  • PS: using footnotes is actually one way to do this. But it’s certainly not the only way. Direct addresses to the reader are another. Etc.

…Write the experience of the Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibit.

  • Pay close attention to the stories behind the pictures.
  • Consider the people behind the pictures (i.e., the photographers). Or!
  • Maybe write a direct address to one of the subjects of the photos. Or!
  • Write a direct address to someone who’s in the periphery of one of the photos.


And, as always, you could also/instead:

…Get back in under the hood and tinker with something in your folder.

…Revisit last week’s Invites.

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