13 thoughts on “Seven-sentence Scenes

  1. Ceri-Lune September 6, 2011 / 7:35 pm

    I created you from my ocean and you became storms and storm clouds and swirls. You tried to run away from my grips, but you knew I couldn’t let you leave. I told you that you belonged to me, and that you were mine alone but you spat in my face and said… “This is who I really am mom!” But the winds blew harder and drowned your words. I lashed across your face, and your father– the wind pulled me away; he pitied you. But we parted where land met ocean, and I went on.

    I realize none of this makes any amount of sense.

  2. Lauren September 6, 2011 / 7:35 pm

    The doe walks down the boulevard, facing the sun.
    A car comes and hits the doe, still alive, still facing the sun.
    The car just doesn’t stop, not fearing for the doe’s life.
    “I am your superior, your forest is my fortress, your trees are my fire wood,” the car roared.
    Along came a hunter from the woods.
    Doe’s eyes were stuck in the ‘X’ of view, as Hunter’s patient breath stayed in his lungs, waiting for her to move.
    Bang—the bullet hit the sun, and the doe was a limping silhouette, under raining sun light.

  3. Ryan September 6, 2011 / 7:35 pm

    The boy and the girl walked down the street. As they passed a Ben and Jerry’s, the girl’s stomach rumbled.

    “You hungry? Let me see if I have any money,” Paul said bravely, checking his pockets, before exclaiming with a distressed sound, “Someone took my money!!”

    “Oh, that’s too bad, Paul,” the girl said, fraught with exasperation, “I’m just starving to death over here.” Suddenly a homeless man on the street turned to them, rolled his eyes and growled,

    “Stop complaining, middle class brats.” Paul began to cry and collapsed next to the homeless man, wishing he had been more thoughtful. Mary then remembered she had her debit card and took the homeless man in for ice cream, leaving Paul behind (because she didn’t like Paul that much anyways).

  4. Jay B. September 6, 2011 / 7:36 pm

    John and Michael strolled briskly down the boardwalk. Michael saw a football coming John’s way but decided not to tell him and laughed when it hit John in the face.

    “What the hell, Michael? Why didn’t you warn me that was coming?” John scowled at Michael.

    Michael answered “I know you’d never do the same for me and wanted to get you back in advance.” Suddenly John’s mother exited the store next to where they were walking and bravely punched Michael in the face.

    “What?! I didn’t get my mom to punch you! I’m going to sue you!” said Michael.

    “Please don’t sue me, Michael. Here, I’ll give you 100 bucks,” said John, puling out his wallet as Michael smiled and secretly high-fived John’s mother.

  5. Jasmine J September 6, 2011 / 7:36 pm

    In the office, Phil takes Nile’s pencil from him.

    Niles stands, pushes the water cooler on the floor, flooding the office and then slaps Phil in the face.

    “You bonehead!” Phile screams, kicking Niles in the face.

    Niles backed off, nose bleeding, and says “I’m sorry Phil! I had a hemispherectomy and my right hand isn’t in my control! It’s like there’s another person attached to my torso!”

    “YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS!” Amy runs in. “The Boss wants his tax reductions! Do you have them?!”

    Phil and Niles stare at each other, then started running about getting the papers together.

    After 3 hours, Amy, Niles, and Phil were able to finish the Boss’s job and were awarded a pencil of their own.

  6. Jesica September 6, 2011 / 7:36 pm

    They climbed on the boat, waiting for their guide to give them instructions. She says she cannot swim, that she doesn’t like their situation. I pushed one of the people on tour in the ocean and the guide panicked. He back speaking in tongues not similar to mine, but it seemed he was swearing. In the distance, a large woman in a too-tight bikini capsized the boat and fell into the ocean. Bodies fell into the ocean, and the lifeguard jumped into the water to save them. Tourists and locals with cameras took pictures, and jumped for joy when their pictures were used in the newspaper story of the brave hero.

  7. sophia September 6, 2011 / 7:40 pm

    someone told them they had to write a fairytale, and so the two were partners, two raw, unlucky-in-love people who might finally get lucky this time.
    and so one stares the other in the face and decides they might make a good monster-demon-witch-prince thing thts secretly in love with a witch.
    “no one falls in love with a witch, at least no one brave and handsome like frederick (the monster-demon-witch-prince) shall be.”
    “no one ever fell in love with you, either, obviously, or you wouldn’t be so assuming. what if the witch was pretty? you’re just assuming the witch was an ugly old hag. sexist!” the girl retorted promptly.
    he called over a friend and asked him-directly- if he’d ever fallen in love with a whitch, and then asked, “isn’t that ridiculous?
    “no,” said the friend, eyes wandering over to the girl. “because it seems that i have. theodora, you’re a terrible person and you complicate things way too much because i love you so.” and he ran from the room, hiding his face.
    and theodora chased after him, and tey quickly and quietly had a love making session in the back of his car, and they married in las vegas because she was an athiest and he jewish, and they had many children who all grew up to be waitresses and inventors of handy things like porclean coffee mugs.

  8. Liam September 6, 2011 / 7:41 pm

    Rosie and Delilah went to the Market. Delilah threw a watermelon at the shopkeeper.

    “Delilah, what’s gotten into you?!” Rosie screeched.

    “I dislike watermelons but I dislike that man even more!”

    “Hey y’all how’s ’bout we have us a watermelon seed spittin’ contest,” a farmer who was shopping suggested, “everyone aim fer Delilah!”

    Delilah turned red as a result of Rosie’s laughter and the shopkeeper’s relentless seed spitting aim, Rosie did not help, Delilah was betrayed!

    “I’m leaving,” she said bitterly, “you can get the groceries youself, darling,” and with that the watermelon seed covered girl stormed out of the market haughtily.

  9. Antoinette September 6, 2011 / 7:42 pm

    Mr. Beitelman stared at the tooth fairy, circling her and pacing around the kitchen. He suddenly took a swing at her head with a frying pan. The tooth fairy cried out “But Mr. Beitelman! Don’t hurt me. I’m the tooth fairy!”

    “Err… uhm, please leave my house. I don’t want to put you in jail, but I will if you don’t walk, er, fly away.”

    Mr. Beitelman’s dog, awakened by the sound of the scuffle, ran into the kitchen and began barking insanely. The dog then jumped up, grabbed the tooth fairy, and ran out the room.

    He tried to follow them out of the room, but suddenly woke up from his dream, his dog not barking, but curled around his feet.

  10. Carmen September 6, 2011 / 7:42 pm

    At 2am, of two men sitting in a diner, one orders steak and eggs.
    The other scoffs at such an order.
    The first–who would like to enjoy his steak and eggs at 2am– yells, “How dare you insult my food, you insolent fool?”

    “Is that a challenge sir?” the second man asks, rising from his seat, “Are you feeling brave enough to accuse me of such foolishness? Insulting something as mundane as food?”

    The waitress, with headphones stretched over her ears and red hair, leans over the counter to refill the gentlemen’s cups of coffee.

    The first man yells something about the other being “banished”.
    The waitress grabs a smoke.

  11. Adriane September 6, 2011 / 7:43 pm

    Jack walked into Charlotte Russe with Princess Leah. Jack let go of Leah’s hand; he had seen Genivieve, her long hair as beautiful as ever.

    “Jerk! How dare you leave me for that FAT harlet!”

    “I like my women curvy, not skinny enough to see their bones sticking out like yours!”

    Genivieve was with her mother, the stern, unforgiving Mrs. Montgomery. Jack began shaking, realizing Mrs. Montgomery remembered the letter he had sent Genivieve.

    “Jack, you filthy (insert forbidden curse word here), I read the letter you sent my daughter and I would never let middle-class trash like ya marry my obese beauty of a daughter!”

    “Oh, you gorgeous women are not worth your drama! I shall forever remain an attractive bachelor and die a miserable death with only my 36 cats left to cry for me at my funeral when I die. Toodles!” Jack called as he sprinted out of the store, leaving the women staring dumbly after the man.

  12. Amanda September 6, 2011 / 7:44 pm

    General Chamberlain ran his fingers along the edge of the table in the main tent, mind fraught with tension; the lieutenant fidgeted nervously nearby. When the general finally had had enough, he yelled at the lieutenant to stop being so ignorant and tell him how many people had been injured or killed that day.

    “I’m sorry,” the General said.

    “You didn’t have to yell,” the lieutenant mustered up bravely.

    All of a sudden, a scantily-clad woman appeared in the tent, like any other idiotic, cliché movie, demanding a fight to the death.

    “What are you doing? Apologizing like women? This is war – THIS IS… SPARTA.”

    General Chamberlain admired her (albeit entirely unprecedented) spark and sent her out to the front lines with the lieutenant to boost troop morale. And that’s how the Civil War was won.

  13. Dakotah September 6, 2011 / 7:47 pm

    Penelope and Sarah took the subway to visit their physically close, very distant parents.
    A large man shoved into Penelope as she was boarding, she cursed and grabbed her sisters hand.
    “How dare you!” yelled Penelope
    “Come on Penelope. We don’t have time for this,” Sarah tried, but [enelope, fraught with anger, shoved the man back.
    Suddenl;y the large man yelled out something and from the sea of passengers a grossly muscular boonde twenty something emerged, looking livid.
    “This twig thinks she can get in my way!” The couple’s eyes looked intent on frivolous revenge. They took baby steps toward the sisters.
    Sarah, still clutching Penelope’s hand that had become a balled fist, pulled her to the car door, and when it started to open they squeexed out dangerously. They watched as the metal car sped past. They breathed a sigh of relief.

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