Invites: [09.09.11]

…Write a poem in which you use one — and only one — form of punctuation.

  • Try to pick something besides a comma or a period.
  • Maybe a —
  • Or a :

…Write a poem in syllabics.

  • (Syllabics is a fancy way of saying that every line has the same number of syllables.)

…Write a poem that (gulp) rhymes.

…Write a poem of ten lines or more that’s A) one sentence and B) a question.

  • Make the lines super looooooong.

…Write a poem in columns.

  • Or! maybe combine columns and rows and write a poem in a table!

…Try your hand at iambs.

  • If you’re really feeling frisky, try using the same number of iambs in every line.


And, as always, you could also/instead:

…Get back in under the hood and tinker with something in your folder.

…Revisit last week’s Invites.

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