What’s on the Second Shelf? — [Sep 12 – 23]

It’s an influx of Somethings on The Second Shelf: not three (3) but five (5)! They are:

  • Hernando Pericles! Hernando is a beetle. I used to know what kind of beetle. Actually! Thanks to the mystery of 39-year-old synapses, it just occurred to me that Hernando is a rhinoceros beetle. Which is the very best kind of beetle there is, actually. I can’t believe I forgot that, even for a syncopated synapse. Hernando was presented as a gift from Juliana Morgado, an ASFA grad from many moons ago.
  • Handmade Book by Rolfe! It’s really quite elaborate. Like a Rubik’s cube + origami. Also + a Frida Kahlo stamp, also courtesy of Mister Briney.
  • A postcard! from Life! Life Cafe, that is, which is on the fringes of Tompkins Square Park in the heart of the East Village in New York City. Two words: breakfast. burrito.
  • An Entire Hidden World! Which was also a gift, this time from Amber Holloway of yesteryear. Magic paper flashlight included!
  • A One-armed Space Alien! Another gift. From our very own: Antoinette Forstall. Plus there’s a note! Plus also he clutches some treasured Mardi Gras beads!

As per usual, peruse. But keep these guys on The Second Shelf so others can access them.

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