Last Week in Review: [Sep 5 – 9]

What we did:

  • We stayed home on Monday to celebrate people who work. Irony!
  • We watched a movie about cars. Really it was about the end of an era.
  • We talked about form in poetry, and how some forms are fixed and others are invented in/for the moment of the poem.
  • We talked a little bit about line breaks and line length, and how fixed forms usually dictate where a line breaks and how long the line is, but that one of the most important decisions a free-verse poet makes is where and why to break a line.
  • We read some poems by Robert Frost, C. K. Williams, and C. D. Wright.
  • We also read an excerpt from Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee and we looked at some pictures, taken by Walker Evans, that were included in that same book.
  • Some of us interviewed others of us. For five minutes. And then we wrote about it for a very short time.
  • We wandered around and took some pictures.
  • The Second Shelf became newly inhabited.
  • We went a-gallery-ing and noticed what we noticed. Then documented it.
  • We encountered invitations to create. Forms.
  • We spun plates. Or really what we did is we made preparations for spinning plates. In 8th Period. And also 9th Period.

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