Invites: Sonnets!

Sonnets with not one but two s’s (esses?)!

Which is to say:

…Write a real-life sonnet that follows all the rules.

  • 14 lines, of course.
  • Also iambs: five of ’em per line.
  • A rhyme scheme!
  • A volta! (Which is to say: a turn, a change, a place where you stop on a dime and redirect things.)
  • Lots of sonnets are expressions of intense emotion. Often (but certainly not always) they’re about love.

Now, that’s a lot to do in a fairly small, controlled space, especially if you’re new (or resistant!) to the sonneteering. So. Here’s those “levels” I talked about:

  • Level I: 14 lines. (We can all pretty much attain Level I in our sleep.)
  • Level II: 14 lines + 10 syllables per line. (Ditto.)
  • Level III: 14 lines + 5 beats per line. (This one’s a shade tougher, just because you have to account for the stressed syllables.)
  • Level IV: 14 lines + iambic pentameter. (Shakespeare’s Apprentice! [Or, if you prefer: Petrarch’s!])
  • Level V: The whole kit-and-caboodle. Plus a rhyme scheme. And a volta. (Expert Sonneteer!)

…Write a real-life sonnet that breaks all the rules.

  • And yet it’s somehow still, uh, sonnet-y-ish.


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