Darcie Dennigan: Sentimental Atom Smasher

Here’s what Laura has to say about Darcie Dennigan:

Matt Hart, writing for Coldfront Magazine, praises Dennigan’s work, stating that by “[s]pitting associative sparks off both real and imagined landscapes, the poems in Corinna invite readers to excavate, associate, and riff off of what’s given.” Darcie Dennigan is the author of Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse. Her work has received the Poets Out Loud prize, Discovery/The Nation award, Cecil B. Hemley Award from the Poetry Society of America, and a Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference fellowship. She is an associate editor at H_NGM_N and a poet-in-residence at the University of Connecticut. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island. She is also a member of the Dean Young cult and was compared to Dorothea Lasky as the currently two most daring and young female poets by Justin Taylor, another author. Some of her influences are G.C. Waldrep, and Dean Young (obviously). Alice Fulton writes, “A powerfully original poet—one whose idiosyncratic power could not be learned or taught.” Her work has appeared in numerous journals,including The Atlantic Monthly,Forklift Ohio, H_NGM_N, and Tin House.


Her aesthetic is slightly sarcastic, cynical, but also incredibly magical. She has the ability to make incredible leaps from one subject, one location, to another one seemingly random. Dennigan follows in the way of Dean Young and his cult by connecting lots of previously unconnected trains of thought together to form a poem that makes clear sense. She also has a lightness and humor that is tucked into the dark (apocalyptic) themes.

…Matt Hart’s review of her book:


…a collection of poems she did for an online journal:


…here is Darcie Dennigan reading one of her own poems called “Bullets:”


…another poem by Darcie Dennigan: “The Center of Worthwhile Things

Whitman/Dickinson Comparison

Dennigan’s writing is a pretty good combination of both Whitman and Dickinson. Her poems are more understandable to a larger audience than Dickinson, and also speak outward in many ways. But, Dennigan’s poems also speak inwardly. Her book of poems is centered around an apocalyptic world and a little girl who is quite possibly a reflection of herself as a child. The leaps make some of the poems somewhat hard to follow. I would say that she leans slightly more toward Dickinson than to Whitman.

Her writing is very similar to the rest of these poets. It is especially similar to Dean Young as it is a sort of examination of her own little world.

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