Bob Dylan: The Early Years

That’s Bob Dylan, c. 1963, playing the anthemic “Blowin’ in the Wind” on TV. He’s in full folksinger mode. Clearly.

Here’s a link to an NPR interview he did forty years later, when his memoir, Chronicles: Volume One came out. The first chapter of the book is excerpted there as well.

Lastly: here are a couple of links to Dylan’s web site, specifically to the lyrics for two of his albums:

Just click on the song titles to get to the lyrics.

Peruse all of that — the video, the NPR interview/excerpt, and the lyrics — and we’ll discuss it tomorrow. Next week, we’ll watch I’m Not There. I’d also like to bring Beyonce into the discussion as well, if only to sample a few songs/images from various stages of her career and compare it to the personas Dylan has adopted over the years.

Here’s our schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Independent work. Read/watch/listen to the Bob Dylan stuff.
  • Tuesday: We’ll listen to a little bit of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan and then we’ll start watching Don’t Look Back.
  • Wednesday: Finish and discuss Don’t Look Back.
  • Thursday: I’ll give you your first Critical Response prompt, and Juniors can practice for their reading in the lecture hall.

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