ASFA-CW Seniors Collaborate with ASFA Dance Seniors!

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For the past several school years, ASFA-CW seniors have teamed up with seniors in the Dance department’s choreography class to create collaborative pieces that incorporate language and movement. In some ways, the two creative processes — dance and creative writing — couldn’t be more different. One takes place in a mostly solitary and interior way; the other occupies three-dimensional space, invariably in coordination with other artists. And yet this project never fails to expand and refine our notions of what it means to be a creative person. While our primary aim with this exercise is to foster that sort of expansion in our respective processes, it’s always a treat to see the “(semi-)finished” products the students create. This was the first year we invited all the other students in both departments to the culminating presentation, and it was a smash success — proven by the slideshow above, which commemorates the occasion. #Collaboration! #CreativeRisk!

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