ASFA-CW Students REPRESENT in the AWF’s 2017 HSLAA Competition!

Nine of the 35 young writers in Alabama who were recognized in the Alabama Writers’ Forum’s 2017 High School Literary Arts competition are members of the ASFA-CW department, including the first place winner of the Poetry contest and the winner of one of seven coveted Senior Portfolio Scholarships. Here’s the list:

  • Rachel Huie (Senior Portfolio Scholarship)
  • Katy Hargett (1st Place – Poetry)
  • Alayna Pruitt (Judge’s Special Recognition – Poetry)
  • Emily Willford (Judge’s Special Recognition – Poetry)
  • Emma Camp (Judge’s Special Recognition – Poetry)
  • Dimari Jordan (Certificate of Merit – Poetry)
  • Lauryn-Elizabeth Dewberry (Certificate of Merit – Poetry)
  • Daniel Blokh (Certificate of Merit – Poetry)
  • Tiaya White (Certificate of Merit – Poetry)

Cadence, the ASFA-CW literary magazine, also received the award for Exceptional Literary Content in the Lit Mag competition.

We’re most excited about the broad cross section of our students who received recognition – students in all four eligible grade levels, first-year students, sixth-year students, and everywhere in between. That’s a testament to the quality of their work and to the vibrancy of our creative community. Thanks to our students and teachers for being so great!

Also congratulations to all the other talented young writers and their dedicated teachers, and thanks to the Alabama Writers’ Forum for its tireless efforts in supporting the literary arts throughout the state.

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