ASFA-CW Senior Profile: Avery Brooks

Memory Lane

Avery’s Cadence bios through the years:

  • Avery Brooks just looks at memes all day. He is not happy with his chair. His favorite book is Oliver Twist. (2013)
  • Avery Brooks refuses to submit a bio because he is rebellious and stubborn. (2014)
  • Avery Brooks wants to believe. (2015)
  • Avery Brooks has that minty fresh Brooklyn flavor in his teeth. (2016)
  • Avery Brooks would kidnap a thousand children before he let this company die! (2017)
  • While Avery Brooks is a joke, not very bright and totally overrated, some losers and haters will miss him & his dumb clown humor. Too bad! (2018)

Seven Questions: Past, Present, Future

What is your first creative memory?

I remember pretending to run an episode of American Idol when I was a very young kid, and putting my own twists on the format of the show.

What are your Desert(ed) Island Five favorite books—you, a deserted island, just five books to read—and why?

A book of poems called I have to go to 1989 and kill a girl, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, I Left my Sneakers in Dimension X, Infinite Jest, and The Catcher in the Rye.

If you could trade places, Freaky Friday style, with any well-known creative person, who would it be and why?

I would love to trade places with David Lynch, because he is probably the artist that has inspired me most, and has truly changed the way I view artistic expression, and even life to an extent.

What is your favorite ASFA-CW memory?

My favorite memory of Creative Writing is honestly a very recent one, my senior reading, the doing and completion of which made me feel as though the weight of the entire world had been lifted off my shoulders.

What’s the hardest thing you had to learn to be successful at ASFA?

Learning that other people in the world weren’t going to fight my battles for me was a difficult but important lesson to learn, and one I still value.

What advice do you have for future ASFA-CW students?

That writing which sounds bland but is pretty has far less value than original voices that know exactly what they’re saying.

What are your post-ASFA plans?

I will be going to the Blount School at the University of Alabama, and majoring in Creative Media, which is basically everything about filmmaking.

An Excerpt from Cadence 2018

Nature Poem

several of us did not make it
we wandered for our time
we ate what we could find and take
the trees didn’t whisper
but the forest gods made a meal out of us
in the end we resorted to using the nearest river as a code
we hoped an airplane
or a snake
would finish us
and they did
we felt the ghosts of the woods around us all the time
we felt the entire world closing in on us
and I died in a stream
asking myself—
“what does it feel like to be alive?”



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