This Is America: @asfaCW + Princeton Elementary Students Write Poems Together

In conjunction with the Princeton students’ Black History Program later in the day, ASFA-CW students spend their most recent Princeton workshop session sharing some Langston Hughes poems — “I, Too” and “Theme for English B” — and talking a little bit about the Harlem Renaissance. We then wrote poems modeled after Hughes’s poems, which made reference to popular culture and music of his day while commenting on the political and cultural climate surrounding him. Here are a couple of examples of what the Princeton students wrote:

This Is America

I am the middle of 3 children
They play around a lot
But are also spoiled

Life is great
School is tough
I’ll make it

America is dying
It will be better
I believe

But still —

This is America

This Is America

America to me is the land of the free. We have many trees and dogs with many fleas. That is America to me.

America to me is the home of the bees and sweaty knees. This is America and I love it. I’m glad that America is me.

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