Young Creatives Unite: ASFA Seniors in CW, Visual Arts, and Dance Combine, Collaborate, and Experiment to CREATE!

We’re working with our colleagues in the Visual Arts and Dance departments again this year to create interdisciplinary performance pieces that combine visual, linguistic, and kinesthetic modes of creativity. It’s always a great learning experience, and the work is always just as great. This year’s theme is “Wearable Art.” Can’t wait to see what these talented folks come up with!

ASFA-CW/Dance/VA Collaboration Photos + Kudos!

Here’s just a fraction of the photographic evidence (click here and here for slideshows) of yet another successful year of one of the coolest interdisciplinary endeavors in the ASFA universe! Writers, dancers — and this year, visual artists! — push envelopes, take chances, and (most of all) CREATE! TOGETHER!! #FunTimes. Many thanks to ASFA-DANCE’s Teri Weksler, who’s been the driving force behind this project, and to ASFA-CW’s Kwoya Maples and ASFA-VA’s Randy Gachet, who coordinated with Teri and the students to make this such an extraordinary learning experience for everyone involved. And, as always, thanks to ASFA’s core academic teachers and administrators, who adjust on the fly and help us fit this project into an already/always chock-full daily-weekly-semesterly schedule. (You guys are the best!)

ASFA-CW Seniors Collaborate with ASFA Dance Seniors!

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For the past several school years, ASFA-CW seniors have teamed up with seniors in the Dance department’s choreography class to create collaborative pieces that incorporate language and movement. In some ways, the two creative processes — dance and creative writing — couldn’t be more different. One takes place in a mostly solitary and interior way; the other occupies three-dimensional space, invariably in coordination with other artists. And yet this project never fails to expand and refine our notions of what it means to be a creative person. While our primary aim with this exercise is to foster that sort of expansion in our respective processes, it’s always a treat to see the “(semi-)finished” products the students create. This was the first year we invited all the other students in both departments to the culminating presentation, and it was a smash success — proven by the slideshow above, which commemorates the occasion. #Collaboration! #CreativeRisk!