ASFA-CW Senior Profile: Dimari Jordan

Memory Lane

Dimari’s Cadence bios through the years:

  • I came here as Dimari Jordan, grew to be known as Dimartini, and will probably leave sophomore year as Dim-Dim. (2016)
  • Dimari Jordan is officially a meme; AKA, he can no longer be taken seriously. (2017)
  • Dimari Jordan looks disgusting — nipples protruding — in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful. (2018)

Seven Questions: Past, Present, Future

What is your first creative memory?

My first creative memory would have to be drawing and creating stories about the Power Rangers, which I was absolutely obsessed with as a child. I basically would just come up with similar ideas to what I watched, but occasionally I’d creating something somewhat original. Continue reading